Light and Darkness, Author Theresa Sky

A man

A woman

Trying to heal

A broken community

Killed by traitors

Killed by bloodthirsty jealous demons

Using a religion as a disguise

These men

Hide behind a God

Who will destroy them

These men

Hide behind a religion

To commit evil

On God’s children

These men



Spread hate

They say hate everyone not them

Kill anyone not them

Then they say it’s in the name of God


They use His name

So loosely

They use My Father’s Name

To commit crimes

On His own children

These evil men

Make false doctrine

Confuse people about the right doctrine

People who are thirsty

People who are hungry

For God


They starve because they keep

Turning to men for help

They will turn to a demon

A demon!

A demon before they turn to God


Oh God


These bloodthirsty men

Not fit to walk around

In their diseased carcasses

They have no life

In their bones

They walk around this earth

They are dead inside

They hate all who has life

They try to kill who they are jealous of

They try to kill

Anyone who has life in them

They don’t have it

Never will

They will be consumed

By their own darkness

The light they thought they killed

Will live on forever

But they

Will die

And be forgotten

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