Raine Is The Sky: Child of Fallen Angels

Chapter 8: Secrets unveiled

We were sitting outside the castle and mom said to me in a very weird way; a comforting way I suppose. I mean I never seen her act comforting towards me, so I was a little taken aback at her and she spoke to me saying, “Gabriella, my child. I know I told you your father was one of us…I lied. I lied to protect you and protect my heart as well. But, it’s time I face it. It’s time you know.”

I said, “Know what?”

Gabby, I…your father and I met here on earth. My parents were here on assignment and I was with them. I was fourteen and I suppose he was fourteen. He looked fourteen. I was immediately taken by him, I thought he was so handsome and the way he spoke was like music to my ears. He seduced me and we had you. All this was behind my parents back. When they found out I was pregnant they demanded to know who the father was. I told them, they found him, and they found out who he really was. He was the child of fallen angels and was raised to be like them, evil, mischievous, sneaky, manipulative. I raised you for a year without him, you were raised in heaven, he wasn’t there when you was born, but on your second birthday he appeared. My parents forbade me to talk to him but I did anyway because I felt like you should know each other; even though I knew he was evil. So for nine years I snuck you to him so you two could get to know each other and he never did you any harm. He played with you and seemed to genuinely have love for you. When I became old enough to go on my assignments you were nine years old, he met up with me and we came to earth together again. While I was here I met Daniel, Carrie, Terri, and Brian’s father.” I was shocked.

I said, “So, that means I’m the oldest and the child of a demon. How the hell I didn’t know this? Why is he called Ol’ Red and how is he the son of fallen angels?”

Mom took a deep sigh, “He’s called Ol’ Red because his skin is red like Satan and he is the devil’s son. His father is Satan, the lead fallen angel and I don’t know who the mother is but I heard rumors that she is a fallen angel too. A lot of your memory of your childhood I erased when we came to earth because I didn’t want you to remember him but as it turns out there are some things you remembered about him that I couldn’t erase. I didn’t want you to remember him because he’s evil. Somehow though you remembered the times he showed you love.”

I said, “I didn’t know demons could show love.”

Mom said, “They can but they choose not too. They can pretend to love. They are good at trickery and master manipulators. They have fooled even the best of us.”


I sat there shocked and trying to process all this new information about where I came from.

Carrie broke the silence and said, “I thought I was the oldest! OMG! So what about us? You hiding anything from us too?”

Mom said, “No.”

I said, “So how and why did he really leave?”

The older you got the more he saw you was like me and not like him and he said you were a waste of his time because you are not evil and so he left. He most likely found some other innocent girl to hurt after me.”

Daniel said, “So, you haven’t seen him since?”

Mom said, “Oh, I’ve seen him. Lurking, peeking, looking all creepy. He watches you Gab but my job was to keep him away from you until you were ready to face the truth.”

I said, “So, that’s why you hate me…because you think I’m like him or will be like him, evil.”

My brothers and sisters chimed in saying no you’re not evil.

Mom gave me a sympathetic look, reached over and grabbed me and said, “No, I don’t hate you and I don’t think you’re evil or gonna be evil. I guess I’ve been hard on you because I knew you didn’t have your real father in your life and I tried to be both too you, showing maternal love and tough love. I don’t hate you, Gab. I love you, you’re my child. You’re not evil and don’t you think on it for a moment. Your heart is good and you do good things. If you was evil you would have went wrong years ago. I would have known and Ol’ Red would have stuck around.”

Brian said, “You are who you choose to be. Your father, mom, us, nobody chooses your future but you. You make your own destiny. You are not evil and don’t you think it for even a second.”

I smiled through tears and said, “Mom, this is the first time I can remember you saying you love me.”

She hugged me and said, “Well, I do.”

I said, “I love you too mom.”

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