Raine is the Sky: Child of Fallen Angels Chapter 9

Chapter 9: On we go

I found out through mom that dad named me so from that point on I decided to disown the name Gabriella. I am now Raine. My mom said it’ll be hard to call me Raine but she understands and would get use to my new name. My sisters and brothers agreed with me about my name change and welcomed it. They thought Raine was a cool name and so did I.

We are now on our way to find Rosemary and this ugly beast that’s tormenting her and others. We helped Markus and his people; they were grateful and gave us a huge party before we left.

Now we sit on the desert sand looking up at the rising dusk. The wind is chilly and beginning to pick up a little; we don’t have shelter so we praying to God that no sand storm arrives while we are out here. We huddle up for warmth and get some much needed sleep.

Morning arrives. I wake to a purple sky. Sand has partially covered our faces and bodies as we slept during the night. I wake everyone up and we shake off the sand and go on our travels to seeking out Rosemary and the beast.


We walk into a festive market. Human souls selling baked food and jewelry on hand painted wooden stands. A mix of music and live musicians can be heard. Everyone is smiling and happy.

Carrie says, “Wow. What did we just walk into?”

Brain says while staring at a half naked snake charmer dancer, “I don’t know but uh I like it. I like it very much.”

Me and Carrie roll our eyes at him because we knew what he meant. Terrie laughed and mom said, “Brian keep your eyes on the prize, son; and not that prize.” She pointed at the half naked woman.

Brain smirked and said, “Of course mom.”

Terri says, “Gab…I mean Raine. What do you feel about Rosemary? Are we getting any closer? I’m too tired to energy search her.”

I paused for a second to feel her. I closed my eyes and went within myself.

Going within is always a pleasure. It’s like a much needed vacay in the middle of a storm; calm and peaceful.

I searched for Rosemary. In the spirit realm it’s easier to search for spirits.

I searched as far as I could go but couldn’t see or feel her. I came back to my reality.

Terri looking at me intently says, “So?”

I said, “I didn’t see her…or feel her. Is she reincarnated?”

Mom said with a deep sigh, “Yeah she must be.”

Brain said, “We came all this way for nothing.”

We sighed deeply together in agreement to Brian.

Mom opened a portal to get back home and she said, “Well kids come on. We gotta find her on earth now. She most likely is a baby and of course won’t remember a thing.”

Carrie said, “Why would she get reincarnated knowing we’re looking for her?”

I said, “Maybe whatever is chasing her and others is so evil they thought getting reincarnated and leaving this realm would save them.”

We stepped into the portal and stepped into Terri’s bedroom. Mom closed the portal. Mom said, “I don’t know about y’all but I’m glad to be back on earth. I’m going to take a shower…no, a relaxing bath and get some rest.”

Brain said, “Yeah I’ll be doing the same when you’re done with the bathroom. Right now I’m going to lay down and relax my mind.”

I said, “Bri that sounds like a good idea. I’m going to my room to relax my mind as well.”

Terri said, “I’m tired too but hungry.”

Carrie said, “Me too. Ter let’s go make some noodles.”

Terri said, “Okay.”

We all worked off our separate ways.

A NEW CHAPTER NEXT WEEK. I literally write this story as I go. I hope you enjoy Raine and her family.

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