Raine is the Sky: Child of Fallen Angels Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Rosemary Flashback

“So you going to seriously paint this room yellow Gab.”

Rosemary sat on Gabriella’s bed holding a supermodel magazine.

“Yeah why not. I can do it.”

Rosemary laughed and said, “Okay.”

Gabriella glanced at Rosemary’s magazine as she set up her room to be painted.

Gabriella said, “Why do you read those magazines? They are so superficial.”

Rosemary frowned and said, “I don’t think so. I wish I could be that pretty.”

“Those skinny sticks are not pretty. They neeed to eat a steak.”

Rosemary laughed.

Gabriella picked up a brush and said, “So I begin this feat.”

Rosemary smiled and said, “Can I help?”

No I need to do this myself. This will be my masterpiece.”

Rosemary rolled her eyes and went back to her magazine.


The night seemed eerily spooky; more so than usual. Rosemary and Gabriella run up the front porch steps and into Gabriella’s room. They are full of energy and happy.

They just came from Hannah’s house party. Hannah was a popular kid around the city. When Gabriella and Rosemary got invited they were excited. The fact that it turned out to be a good night meant they were seen as cool kids too. I mean no one made jokes about them and everyone was really cool to them.

They landed on Gabriella’s bed full of energy and adrenaline.

Rosemary said, “Vodka and strawberry soda is so good.”

Gabriella said, “I know. I never tried it before. I think I’m a bit tipsy.”

Rosemary laughed and said, “A bit tipsy! You showed the cab driver your boobs for a free ride!”

Gabriella laughed and said while pushing up her boobs, “They gotta be good for something.”

They both laughed.

Gabriella said, “I think Kevin likes you. He was so into you tonight.”

Rosemary said, “I know. I was like what’s up with this. He would totally be my baby’s daddy.”

They both laughed.

Something in the closet fell which startled them. They both laughed again.

Rosemary says, “Aw man. Tonight was a good night.”

Gabriella says, “Yeah.”

Something in the closet fell again. Rosemary and Gabriella looked at the closet door.

Gabriella jumped up and said, “Who’s in there? Bri? Car? Terri?”

Gabriella walked towards the door. Before she could open it the door flew open and slammed against the wall.

Gabriella jumped back and said, “Whoa!”

Rosemary laughed and said, “What’s that?”

In the back of the closet something was moving. They couldn’t see it though.

Gabriella instantly recognized this as demonic behavior. Rosemary had no clue what was going on. She didn’t know Gabriella was a demon killer. Gabriella wanted to feel like a normal human so never told her.

At this moment all Gabriella could think is she has to break pass this tipsy feeling to save her friend and herself and her family in the house. She would normally call for their help but this time the liquid made her common sense blind.

Lighting speed, this woman with wispy legs and feet climbed out of the closet and jumped behind Rosemary.

Rosemary in shock looks on but before she could blink Gabriella shot out a energy ball that hit her and the thing that climbed out the closet.

Both were immediately incinerated.

Gabriella stands in shock for a minute and lets out a loud cry that wakes up her family.

Her mom, sisters and brother run into the room prepared to fight a demon. They come in and find Gabriella screaming something horrible. They look on in shock and they look around her.

Carrie tries to console her but she just stands there screaming in horror and not moving.

Her mom touches her shoulder in comfort and says calmly, “Gabriella…come back to us now.”

Immediately Gabriella blinks her eyes and is eased out of her shock by her mother’s comforting energy.

She gasps looking around and says, “No no no no. no no. Mom. Oh God! No!”

Her mom says, “What happened?”

Gabriella said, “I killed her mom! I killed her!”

Brian says, “Killed who?”

Gabriella says, “Rosemary!”


Police came and went. Gabriella and her family made up some kind of lie that she was kidnapped by a rough looking dude at gunpoint when they left Hannah’s party.

Eventually they made a hologram of Rosemary and placed her in a wooden area. She was beaten, half naked and shot in the head and stomach. It was only a hologram but they had to give her family and the police something to go by; to give them closure.

The hologram was a specialty Gabriella’s kind had made in labs. The holograms look and feel real but are not real and only disappear when the owner of the hologram dies.

Gabriella and her family went to Rosemary’s funeral and said their condolences to her family. Then they just went on with life. They had to because they were still living and had things to do. Rosemary was gone now. Only God knows where.

Even though it was accident Gabriella held painful guilt in her heart over killing her friend. If only, she thought, she had said no to the drinks.

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